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About Us

Gator began as a small aluminum dock fabricator over 4 decades ago and is now a premier bridge manufacturer and fabricator. Throughout our long history, we expanded our team and our line of products to include durable aluminum structures that span land as well as water.

We have the staff and knowledge to build our bridges out of any of the traditional bridge materials. However, Gator continues to choose aluminum as our sole structure material. We truly believe that our aluminum bridge designs have the best combination of characteristics to achieve the longest-lasting, highest performance pedestrian and utility bridges.

Your GatorBridge will be computer modeled, analyzed, assembled by hand, and meticulously welded by expert craftsmen to create an exceptionally strong and sturdy solution for your specific needs. At every step during planning, drawing, approval, fabrication and delivery, you have an entire team of people working for you to ensure that your project comes in on time and under budget.

The GatorBridge line of products has been built to meet the following criteria:


GatorBridge structures achieve high performance.

High Performance

GatorBridge has decades of experience in working solely with aluminum. During this time which we have refined our product designs to achieve superior performance in a variety of environments. From a industrial catwalk to a long, single-span pedestrian bridge, Gator products are built to perform beyond your expectations.

GatorBridge projects are cost effective.

Cost Effective

Not only can we provide you with a cost effective solution upfront, but GatorBridge products will minimize your life cycle costs of repairs and replacement. Additionally, the natural high strength to low weight ratio of aluminum often cuts transportation and installation cost in half.

GatorBridge structures are long lasting.

Long Lasting

You can trust in the proven durability and longevity built into your future bridge. Gator structures from coast to coast and in all climates have been in service almost 40 years without needing to be replaced.

Gator's bridges are environmentally friendly.

Environmentally Friendly

Gator sources approximately 80% of the aluminum we use from post-industrial recycled material. We continue to reduce waste in our assembly process through the design of our extruded shapes and by recycling drop materials and fabricated items that do not pass our stringent quality controls. GatorBridge’s lighter aluminum frames result in less fuel used during transportation and quicker installation in the field, reducing the carbon footprint of your installation. Finally, the aluminum used in GatorBridges does not leach nor require toxic coatings to maximize the longevity of our structures. The natural corrosion resistance oxide layer that develops on our aluminum structures to protect from weathering and rust has a neutral effect on the environment.

Gator's bridges require low maintenance.

Low Maintenance

GatorBridges are made with durable materials to minimize or eliminate the need for regular maintenance and repair. The joy of finishing your GatorBridge project is knowing that you will not have to spend lots of time or money maintaining it. There is no routine painting, sealing or staining required when you use our natural aluminum.