Gator began as a small aluminum dock fabricator over 4 decades ago. Throughout our long history, we expanded our team and our line of products to include the highest performance aluminum structures to span land as well as water.  GatorBridge chooses to make our pedestrian and utility bridges out of aluminum because we know it is the best material to ensure high performance, durability and a long service life.

We have a long list of high profile clients, but treat every bridge design, large or small, with the same amount of attention, care and expertise. From the first phone call to our support staff, we strive to make the solution for your project custom to your needs. Your GatorBridge will be computer modeled, analyzed, assembled by hand, and meticulously welded by expert craftsmen to create an exceptionally strong and durable pre-fabricated bridge solution. At every step during planning, drawing, approval, fabrication and delivery, you have an entire team of people working for you to ensure that your project comes in on time and within budget.

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