April 03, 2014

Why is aluminum awesome for docks?

In sea water environments, building docks with aluminum offers the ultimate in durability and flexibility. Maintenance budgets for the long life span of an aluminum dock are reduced, and in many cases, eliminated.

Does salt water does corrode aluminum?  Only if you believe in voodoo science! Think of marine-grade aluminum as a nautical white knight that creates its own special armor when introduced into the environment. The protective layer is naturally-occurring aluminum oxide, which is magically regenerated if scratched off. This corrosion shield prevents degradation from the sun, salt, fuels, and water—some of the major reasons why steel, concrete and other materials deteriorate. 

Aluminum is great for fresh-water folks, too. When you are try ing to enjoy a sunny summer day on the water, the last thing you want to walk on is a dock so hot you want to jump off.  Aluminum is cool – as in cool to the touch. Leave concrete, pavers, composite deck planks, and wood deck planks of any color out in the sun on a hot afternoon, and aluminum decking will always register much lower on the heat gun!

With increased popularity of canoeing and kayaking, recreational facilities are discovering another benefit of aluminum:  easier access to non-motorized watercraft.  Here’s why. Pound for pound, aluminum is stronger than steel.  Aluminum’s high strength-weight-ratio makes lower freeboard possible. Freeboard is the distance between the water’s surface and the height of the dock deck. The lower the freeboard, the easier it is to launch canoes and kayaks. Check out how GatorDock met the special design considerations of a canoe launch in Milford, Delaware.


Light and strong, beautiful and maintenance-free, aluminum docks stand season after season, decade after decade, long after traditional steel, concrete and wood docks are beyond repair.

We didn’t invent aluminum or its benefits.  We just got really good at designing ways to maximize its advantages for boaters, kayakers, canoers, and other non-landlubbers.

We love aluminum for all types of corrosion-prone environments—and this white paper will make you a believer, too!


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