As a custom aluminum structure manufacture, we make more than just bridges. We have built bridges, catwalks, gangways, docks, helicopter platforms, large ships... and the list goes on. Different types of structures require different loading and design criteria based on their use. Pedestrian bridges, for instance, are always designed and built to AASHTO guidelines and loading criteria of 90 pounds per square foot, while a client's catwalk may only require 60 pounds per square foot loading. Choose an application category below that closely resembles your project needs. Then contact Gator to customize the design elements and loading to build the best bridge for its intended use.

Pedestrian Bridges

Pedestrian Bridge

All pedestrian bridges are designed and built to AASHTO bridge guidelines. We can increase or decrease the loading requirements upon a client's request. These bridges are typically used over water, on trails, between buildings or in parks.


Utility Bridges

Utility Bridges

Our utility bridge division started with combining maintenance traffic (pedestrian) with a large water line support structure for a project in California. Since then, Gator has been designing bridges to accommodate utilities of all sizes. Additionally, we specialize in catwalks and marine terminals for industrial sites.


Multi Purpose


From temporary and modular bridges to Rails to Trails bridges, Gator's custom engineering solves the multi-purpose bridge problem. Trust in our 45 years of experience to design around the challenges that multi-purpose use brings to a project. Need a bridge that services pedestrians, maintenance vehicles, cyclists and equine traffic all at once? Gator has engineered a bridge for all of these uses.




In our many years of business, we have been asked to build some strange things. From steeples to historic ships, to hot-air balloon rides and water-ski jumps - we love creating custom aluminum structures with you. Contact Gator to see how our expert team of engineers and welders can add to your project.


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