Multi-Purpose Bridges

Double Duty Bridge Structures

Our bridges often serve multiple needs rather than being dedicated to pedestrian or utility traffic. If your bridge needs cater to specialized traffic or pull double duty by incorporating utility lines and a safe walkway, then a multi-purpose bridge is right for you. From long single span bridges, to bridges that can carry vehicular loading, Gator’s bridge building process ensures that your structure specifically serves its intended purpose. Cyclists, horseback riders, golf cart users, and other recreation groups are often the initiators of our multi-purpose bridge projects. These groups have the passion and knowledge to specify the exact features that suit their active interest.

Multi-Purpose Bridge Applications

Light vehicle bridge designed by Gator.

Light Vehicle Bridges

From golf carts and ATVs to maintenance vehicles and emergency traffic, GatorBridge can fabricate a bridge that services your pedestrian and occasional vehicle traffic. Your light vehicular bridge by Gator will have all of the benefits and features of our high performance aluminum including corrosion resistance, minimal maintenance requirements, and ease of installation.


A rails to trails bridge built by GatorBridge.

Rails to Trails

Gator has worked closely with the Rails to Trails organization to design bridge plans to meet the requirements of this national movement. These bridges can be up to H5 load rating with asphalt or concrete decking. Cyclists, runners, emergency traffic and even equine traffic have been accommodated in the design of our aluminum bridges for Rails to Trails locations.


Gator's golf cart bridges.

Golf Course Bridges

Due to the low maintenance requirements and the corrosion resistance of aluminum bridges, Gator is a favorite supplier of golf course bridges. Cladding and powder coating are popular options to help achieve the aesthetics of public and private golf courses. Horizontal rail with an HDPE rub rail is also a design feature that works well for golf cart bridges.


Multi purpose recreation bridge.

Recreation Bridges

Similar to Rails to Trails, parks and recreation areas often have multi-use needs for their access structures. GatorBridge’s long life and advantageous total cost of ownership makes our first theme parks and recreation clients our repeat customers.

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More Multi-Purpose Resources

Download drawings, specs, and other engineering resources in our technical section.

Multi-Purpose Options & Accessories

+ Aesthetics+ Railing+ Decking+ Truss Style


Recreation and Rails to Trails clients often choose to keep the bridge in its natural aluminum state as it develops a protective coating and minimizes maintenance. However, golf courses often prefer to powder coat or clad the bridge in a custom shade of brown, white, or green.


Similar to custom coloring, cladding is generally reserved for golf cart and landscape bridges. However, if your multi-purpose bridge needs custom cladding or rub rails designed into the structure, Gator can help.


Keep your light vehicular bridge safe for maintenance traffic by incorporating rail lighting or light boxes. Lighting options can be customized to achieve your projects safety needs.


Multi-purpose bridges often need customization to meet the varied needs of the structure’s use. Bring your project design requirements to Gator and we will take care of the rest.


Heavier duty bridges may benefit from a horizontal rail style as the rail travels in the same direction as the traffic.


The combination is our standard railing style on our aluminum bridges. This picket rail encompasses a hand and toe rail into the design.


Mesh rail, similar to fencing, is another option for maintenance platforms and walkways. Minimize the opening dimension of your bridge with this rail style.


As mentioned, light golf course bridges may only need a toe rail option. Other bridges may require a custom design to meet the project’s individual needs. Gator can customize your bridge with your custom rail needs.


The most popular option for recreation bridges, our non-slip aluminum decking is welded into the bridge frame for added rigidity. Minimize maintenance and maximize your budget with this economic option.

Wood Options

Pressure treated pine, Ipe harwood, and composite wood decking are also available on any of our bridge designs. These decks are often used in heavier duty trail bridges or bridges with occasional vehicle traffic.


As a custom bridge builder, we can incorporate any decking option into our aluminum frames. Contact Gator to start your custom multi-purpose bridge design.


Aluminum grating or composite grating is often chosen on walkways in an industrial setting. To keep your structures weight at a minimum, consider this decking category.

Synthetic Concrete

Concrete decking has its challenges especially when it comes to cracking and weight. Gator’s synthetic concrete deck solves these issues as well as provides a minimal maintenance, durable decking solution that looks like concrete. The fiberglass panels look like concrete and provide a slip resistant surface for pedestrians.


Every bridge design is custom fabricated. If none of the above truss options are right for your project, we can custom design a truss based on your specifications.


A curved top chord distinguishes this truss style from the boxier Cascade and Atlantis options.


The Cascade bridge connects the top and bottom chords with angled members on either side of the truss. This bridge can be paired with any of our railing options.