Pedestrian and Foot Bridges

Make Your Pedestrian Bridge Work for You

The majority of the prefabricated bridges we manufacture are high-traffic, pedestrian bridge designs. Aluminum is the perfect material for a pedestrian bridge as it is extremely durable and has a favorable weight to strength ratio. GatorBridge's pedestrian footbridges are easy to install and even easier to maintain, providing cost savings during transportation, installation, and throughout its long life span. These features also allow GatorBridges to be installed quickly in remote areas or locations with poor accessibility.

Gator’s pedestrian bridges are suitable for any climate as aluminum stays cool to the touch even in the heat of summer yet is strong enough to support heavy snow loads. Municipalities, universities, as well as parks and recreation areas, benefit from our many pedestrian bridge design options including GatorBridge's specialized slip-resistant decking and ADA compliant rail. The team at Gator has decades of experience engineering and manufacturing aluminum pedestrian bridges. Our expert staff of project managers, engineers, and craftsmen can help guide you through the many steps of your next bridge project from conception to project completion.

Pedestrian Bridge Applications

A GatorBridge pedestrian foot bridge.

Foot Bridges

When accommodating pedestrian traffic, the bridge’s appearance and feel become an important project consideration. Your site’s visitors will be up-close and personal with your future bridge structure. The feel of a cool, smooth aluminum bridge while watching fireworks or taking in the views adds to the experience of your project. Our engineering team can work with you to build a bridge that matches your structural needs and your project’s design needs


GatorBridge pedestrian trail bridge.

Trail Bridges

Trail bridges often require a structure that is light weight so that it can be installed in remote or difficult locations. The advantage of our aluminum bridges is the high strength to low weigh ratio. In fact, aluminum is stronger than steel when compared pound to pound. This advantage allows our bridges to be lifted and installed with small crews and equipment. Several of our prefabricated bridges have been helicoptered into remote locations, which is an option only aluminum bridges can provide. Learn more about the previous trail bridges we have designed and built by viewing our case studies.


A pedestrian parks and recreation bridge built by GatorBridge.

Parks & Recreation Bridges

With minimal maintenance, our aluminum bridges will never rust. The smooth, cool metal will not flake off or soil skin and fabrics that come in contact with it. These characteristics make Gator aluminum bridges a favorite at parks and playgrounds. If your recreation department prefers a traditional or colorful look to their bridge, choose to powder coat or clad the aluminum to achieve their desired aesthetic. We have created several colorful and unique bridges to match imaginative playground designs.


A pedestrian elevated walkways structure designed by Gator.

Elevated Walkways

As a custom bridge builder, our designs range from simple and efficient to whimsical and complicated. Our basic elevated walkway designs can accommodate your pedestrian traffic and fit within the smallest project budgets. Our colonial truss bridge provides a sturdy walkway, similar to a boardwalk, and features removable and customizable rails. Or choose any of our other truss designs to meet AASHTO bridge specifications for your elevated bridge.


A custom GatorBridge pedestrian landscape bridge.

Landscape Bridges

Gator’s aluminum bridges can achieve any design aesthetic yet provide the lowest maintenance solution for parks and green spaces. Wood cladding options offer a natural wood bridge look while powder coating can achieve a clean modern look or the look of patina steel. Regardless of the design features you choose on your landscape bridge, the aluminum frames will last longer, require vastly less maintenance and provide a lower total cost of ownership than other traditional bridge materials.


Gator's boardwalk design.


Your durable Gator boardwalk can look like natural aluminum or wood. The strong, yet light weight, aluminum frames will long outlast a wooden frame. Even better, the cost of your boardwalk pilings will be reduced by half by choosing aluminum. Since our basic aluminum boardwalk design can span 20 foot on centers- over twice the distance of wood- you can cut the material and installation cost of piling supports. Clad your boardwalk in pine, ipe hardwood, or composite wood to achieve the traditional wood boardwalk look.

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More Pedestrian Resources

Download drawings, specs, and other engineering resources in our technical section.

Pedestrian Options & Accessories

+ Decking+ Railing+ Aesthetics+ Truss Style


Aluminum decking is the standard choice on our pedestrian bridges. The decking is incorporated into the bridge frame for added structural integrity. The no maintenance aluminum is textured in two planes to provide maximum slip resistance.


Concrete, pavers and other custom decking options may be the right deck for your pedestrian bridge design. Concrete decked bridges may minimize the design options available on your project.

Composite Wood

Composite wood is a synthetic alternative to hardwood. Choose your favorite brand and deck color to enhance the decking or cladding of your foot bridge.


Grated decking provides an environmentally considerate option for your landscape bridge. If you need a structure that allows light penetration in a natural area, our aluminum or composite grating may be right for you.

Ipe Hardwood

A more durable hardwood option is our Brazilian Ipe hardwood. This natural wood deck is not treated yet requires little to no maintenance. Choose to clad the bridge chords in Ipe for a natural, cohesive look.


Heavier loading requirements for trail and park bridges may want to choose pressure treated pine decking. This economical wood deck option can be decked before shipment or in the field.

Synthetic Concrete

Looking for a concrete bridge deck? GatorBridge offers synthetic concrete decking on our pedestrian bridges. This innovative bridge deck looks like concrete yet also has the advantages of being light weight and maintenance free. The interlocking fiberglass panels are a long-lasting alternative with a concrete bridge look.


If your project site already has an established design aesthetic, the custom design team at Gator can customize the railing and truss of your bridge to match. Contact us to walk through the custom design process.


The combination is our standard rail option for Gator pedestrian bridges and features vertical pickets within a connected hand and toe rail. The standard height for this popular rail is 42” but is also available in a 54” height.


The horizontal rail modernizes the traditional look of our Cascade and Atlantis truss bridge designs. The horizontal aluminum rail is available in 42” or 54” heights and can be cladded or powder coated.


Originally a custom railing design, the mesh rail has become a popular option. Add an ADA compliant handrail to this rail style for pedestrian comfort.

ADA Railing

If the railing of your choice does not fully comply with your project’s accessibility requirements, Gator can incorporate ADA handrail or toe rail on your trail bridge.


One of the inherent benefits to aluminum is that there is no need for painting to maintain the performance and life of the structure. Although many prefer the brushed metal look of our aluminum bridges, others prefer specific colors or textures.


The top chord of our bridge’s frames can be cladded in natural or composite wood to achieve a look fit for a natural park setting. Angling the cladding on the top chord helps water run-off and can provide a resting rail for pedestrians.


As a custom bridge manufacturer, we can fabricate almost any design you can dream. We provide unique and wild designs for America’s most inventive theme parks, so go wild with your GatorBridge plan.


Lighting provides safety and night time sophistication to your bridge design. Additional utilities including handicap door openers can also be integrated into a GatorBridge.


A curved top chord distinguishes this truss style from the boxier Cascade and Atlantis options. An arched top chord elevates the aesthetics of the contour pedestrian bridge. 


Every bridge design is custom fabricated. If none of the above truss options are right for your project, we can custom design a truss based on your specifications.


The most popular design option is the simple, angled truss of the Cascade bridge. Railing, decking and other bridge options will customize this pedestrian truss bridge.