Utility Bridges

A Fit for Your Maintenance and Utility Needs

Gator aluminum utility bridges have been trusted to support some of the nation’s most valuable resources. From single purpose functions like large water main pipe bridges to multipurpose solutions carrying maintenance traffic and providing underlying pipe racks, we can build a custom bridge that meets your maintenance needs. The light weight aluminum bridges provide more strength pound for pound than steel bridges. Gator pipe support bridges do not rust, leech chemicals, nor require toxic coatings, making them the perfect solution for a variety of utility bridge applications. 

Utility Bridge Applications

A utility maintenance bridge built by Gator.

Maintenance Walkway Bridges

Need to build a bridge solely for maintenance crews or vehicles? The utility bridge options Gator provides can meet any industry’s need. Work with our design engineers to build a bridge that is made specifically for your work.


Gator constructs utility pipe line bridges.

Pipe Line Bridges

View our case studies to see our pipe support bridges in the field. Our aluminum bridges can span long distances while supporting water lines and other utilities. Or widen your bridge to provide pipe support and a maintenance walkway.


Gator utility catwalk platform.

Catwalks and Platforms

Gator aluminum catwalks with grated or solid aluminum decking are often used in plants and maintenance facilities. Build an elevated platform for industrial access or to safely view your facility’s processes.


Utility marine terminal by GatorBridge.

Marine Terminals

The last thing your marine terminal should require is intensive preservation programs to upkeep the structure. Our minimal maintenance bridges are made from corrosion resistant aluminum. Keep your crews working on the important projects by choosing a GatorBridge.


Utility pipe racks are a GatorBridge specialty.

Pipe Racks

Pipe racks, marine terminals, and pipe support bridges are a specialty of GatorBridge. From customizing the loading balance to fabricating custom cradles and pillow blocks for your intended utility pipe, Gator customizes the exact bridge your maintenance crew needs. Pipes can be installed on the deck, supported underneath the bridge or attached to the truss sides.

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More Utility Resources

Download drawings, specs, and other engineering resources in our technical section.

Utility Options & Accessories

+ Decking+ Railing+ Truss Style+ Aesthetics


The most popular option for utility bridges, our non-slip aluminum decking is welded into the bridge frame for added rigidity. Minimize maintenance and maximize your budget with this economic option.

Wood Options

Pressure treated pine, Ipe harwood and composite wood decking are also available on any of our bridge designs. These decks are often used in heavier duty maintenance bridges or bridges with occasional vehicle traffic.


As a custom bridge builder, we can incorporate any decking option into our aluminum frames. Contact Gator to start your custom utility bridge design.


Aluminum grating or composite grating is often chosen on walkways in an industrial setting. To keep your structures weight at a minimum, consider this decking category.

Synthetic Concrete

Our synthetic concrete deck is GatorBridge's newest design option. This light-weight, maintenance-free deck is a perfect compliment to our aluminum bridges. Get the look of concrete and the deck strength you need without all the weight and cost. This new  FRP panels are installed prior to shipping your pre-fabricated aluminum bridge.


The combination is our standard railing style on our aluminum bridges. This picket rail encompasses a hand and toe rail into the design.


Many utility and pipe support bridges may not need a railing option. Others will require a custom design to meet the project’s individual needs. Gator can customize your bridge with or without your custom rail needs.


Mesh rail, similar to fencing, is another option for maintenance platforms and walkways. Minimize the opening dimension of your bridge with this rail style.


Heavier traffic maintenance bridges may benefit from a horizontal rail style as the rail travels in the same direction as the traffic.


The cascade bridge connects the top and bottom chords with angled members on either side of the truss. This bridge can be paired with any of our railing options.


A curved top chord distinguishes this truss style from the boxier Cascade and Atlantis options.


Every bridge design is custom fabricated. If none of the above truss options are right for your project, we can custom design a truss based on your specifications.


Keep your pipe support bridge safe for maintenance traffic by incorporating rail lighting or light boxes. Lighting options can be customized to achieve your projects safety needs.


Utility structures are often the most customized bridges we make. From custom pipe cradles to pillow blocks, Gator can tailor the exact structure your maintenance team needs.


Similar to custom coloring, cladding is generally reserved for pedestrian and landscape bridges. However, if your maintenance bridge needs custom cladding or rub rails designed into the structure, Gator can help.


Utility bridge clients often choose to keep the bridge in its natural aluminum state as it develops a protective coating and minimizes maintenance. However, custom powder coating is available on any of our bridges.