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 Do you build things? Curious about how aluminum works for a bridge spanning two tall buildings, a pier in an environmentally protected waterway, or a tough Ford F-150?  Curious about how aluminum can change your life (or already a fan, like us)? Then this blog is for you. Stay tuned for our thoughts on constructing bridges, docks, and more from this glorious metallic element.  And please join the dialog with your tweets, emails, calls and comments.


Industrial Access Solutions

May 18, 2017

Industrial Access Solutions

As the demand for industrial access solutions continues to grow, the manufacturing process at Gator has evolved to provide our customers with innovative products designed to address their unique needs.


December 24, 2014

Reflecting on a great year at Gator

The entire team at GatorBridge and GatorDock is looking forward to lots of smiles and joy with friends and family over the holidays.   Meanwhile, we’re working diligently to fulfill orders from our customers.  Last week seemed like a good time to reflect on 2014, so we surprised a few of our colleagues with an impromptu […]


December 09, 2014

Thoughts of Pirates Bay are keeping us in warm spirits!

Looks like we’re in for a harsh winter.  The holidays provide a nice diversion, but how we can maintain cheery dispositions until we thaw out weeks after Groundhog Day? Try this for a coping mechanism: Reminisce about those hot summer days when you could retreat to a water park! Last summer, one of Gator’s favorite […]


December 02, 2014

How GatorBridge helps ships navigate the Ohio River

GatorBridge recently played a role in maintaining one of America’s most venerable engineering marvels:  the series of locks and dams that enable ships and barges to navigate 981 miles on the Ohio River.  A watercraft travelling the river’s full length must stair-step its way through 21 locks maintained by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers […]


November 25, 2014

Why we’re thankful for aluminum

As you’ve seen in this blog, GatorBridge makes a tremendous variety of pedestrian bridges in all sorts of configurations. Every project we complete has one thing in common: the core material we use is a military-grade alloy of aluminum.   Did you know aluminum is the third most common element in the Earth’s crust? Here […]


November 11, 2014

How Much Does a Pedestrian Bridge Cost? Part III: Size

This is the third blog in our series to answer the question GatorBridge hears most often: “What is the cost of a pedestrian bridge?” Our answer has three main components: Decking, design and size of your structure. You can read our decking discussion here; and here is the blog on design.  The last component of […]



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