April 21, 2014

Gator gives D.C. police great views of real-life training in a replica town.

A lot of strange things happen almost daily at 4665 Blue Plains Drive SW in Washington, D.C.  Police officers there deal with armed intruders of occupied buildings, hostage situations, and more by battering down doors, hunting gunmen in a school, using tear gas, and rappelling from rooftops.

Actually, 4665 Blue Plains Drive is the Metropolitan Police Academy, and inside is the “Tactical Village,” a replica town inside a 40,000-square-foot building.  The town has streets, alleys, cars, a bank, a school, an office building, and a convenience store.

At the District of Columbia’s $5.5 million facility, police recruits and seasoned SWAT teams alike train in a realistic environment for scenarios they can’t safely practice in public.

None of the buildings in the Village have rooftops. GatorBridge built 11 all-aluminum catwalks, with stairs and railings, to provide supervisors and video cameras with panoramic views of the training drills.  Thanks to the grated aluminum decks, supervisors can even see what’s happening directly under their vantage points.

Law enforcement agencies from throughout the U.S. have toured Tactical Village, which is believed to be the nation’s first tactical training facility with unobstructed views of building interiors from catwalks.

At GatorBrigde and CMI, we’re glad to be on the side of the good guys in their confrontations with bad guys!

tactial village 2

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