July 10, 2014

Powder coating: ’icing on the cake’ for aluminum bridges


The bridge shown above is one of two identical bridges Gator built last year for the University of Mobile.  The twin aluminum structures are powder coated black, accenting the beautiful grounds at the campus entrance.  

When is powder coating appropriate for an aluminum bridge?  Whenever color is a key consideration.

Conventional materials, like steel and wood, need a coating to defend against corrosion or other environmental degradation.  In its natural state, aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion and weathering, so it does not need or really benefit structurally from paint or powder coating. 

The University of Mobile is one of many GatorBridge customers that chose a coating for aesthetic reasons. Customers can select from a huge range of paints and powder coats in different colors. 

Powder coating is generally a much tougher and longer lasting treatment, so it is almost always preferred to paint, especially in abrasive or high-wear applications.  There are limited situations where high-quality paint is preferred.

Several different types of powder coating can be used.  Likewise, different textures are available, from glossy to matte to even courser finishes.   Based on a customer's application, Gator engineers select the best coating type, application process, and texture for that specific application.

In recent posts, we featured powder coated bridges at Essex County's Orange Reservoir and the University of Southern Mississippi.  Here are several more examples of bridge projects where GatorBridge customers opted for powder coating.

Powder-coating-aluminum-bridge-4Pedestrian bridge to Borwell Research Facility of Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, Mass.

Powder-coating-aluminum-bridge-2Pedestrian bridge for City of Aurora, Illinois

ADA-compliant bridge at Helen Diller Playground, San Francisco

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